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Matthew William Edewaard (born April 13, 1990), commonly known by his mononym Edewaard (ed-əˈwôrd), is an independent American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, touring artist, producer and contestant on American Idol Season XV. He has written, performed, recorded, & published 6 albums; 4 of which Edewaard produced himself. Edewaard's music is often noted as being reflective of classic Rock/Pop & New Wave, carrying influences reminiscent of artists from the late '70s & early '80s. The albums are typically riddled with short, punchy, melodic tracks that focus heavily on the lyricism. Edewaard is also a song-writer & producer for the New York based, non-profit organization, Songs of Love; dedicated to providing personalized songs for children and teens facing tough medical, physical, or emotional challenges.


Edewaard continues to tour & recruit talented young musicians for his live band. You can find Edewaard's music on Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, & Rhapsody. (




“If I had to describe this band's sound with just one word, it would be 'rich'. The songs straddle the line between rock & pop, but it's the textures that really grab the attention; you don't so much listen to these songs as you find yourself surrounded by them."

-Incognito Magazine


"Edewaard has a sound that is both all their own, yet eerily familiar." 



"Smooth, melodic, & laid back sound that I just eat up."

-Skope Magazine




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